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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Last Blog Assignment Deadline Over

All grades for the last blog assignment have been posted. It is now too late to add or change your posts.

I have been impressed with many of the posts. Most of you found relevant articles and extracted the information you needed. Several of the posts were about very practical things like environmentally friendly synthetic approaches, alternative fuels, breathalizer chemistry and the use of enzymes and biological agents to clean up pollutants.

One of the reasons I started this blog assignment is to help you understand how the reactions you are learning are used by chemists in the real world of research and industry. A side benefit is that I have learned some chemistry on each and every post. As a chemist you will never stop learning. What I am hoping is that in this class you have learned the skills to find the information you need to use chemistry productively in your career.

Another bonus is that other people from around the world are benefiting from your posts. Click on the SiteMeter button at the bottom of the blog then click on referrals to see how people are finding your posts.

I will be cleaning up the blog at the end of the term, removing unreadable or substantially incorrect posts. If you wish to keep your posts make sure to copy them before then. In Blogger you can copy a post from one blog to another easily. Just make sure you copy and paste in the "Edit HTML" view, not "Compose". Note that you can also convert the posts into Word. You may wish to do this also if you want to build an e-portfolio.


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