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Friday, July 08, 2005

repeating mistakes

Before you post take a look at the comments I made on all of the other students' posts. I see the same errors coming up in the last few posts. In order to get full marks you must:
1) make sure your molecules and reagents are big enough to view easily from See the first few examples that I graded "full marks" to see how big is big enough
2) you must use CiteULike
3) ALL of the reference info needs to be present in CiteULike (authors, journal name, year, page, volume, title, abstract)
4) the single step reaction that you have in your scheme MUST be in the article you are citing

I will shortly stop giving this feedback repeatedly and just grade it accordingly at each deadline.

If any student has tips (especially for making molecules the proper size in Chemsketch) it would be great if you could record a 1-2 minute screencast of it. Just download the trial version of Camtasia, save as an avi and I'll give you instructions to upload.


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