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Thursday, June 09, 2005

summer of 2005 introduction

This is the first post for the special online only organic chemistry (CHEM 242) class for the summer of 2005. Everything prior to this post concerns a previous term.

All of you who are taking this class have just finished CHEM 241 with me. It will be similar but there are a few changes:

1) The class material is mainly on WebCT. A partial podcast of the audio files is available here. But the screencast, Powerpoint and pdf notes are in WebCT. Only Real Media files are available for the screencast at this time. You should have access to the class in your default term in WebCT. Make sure to click on "View all my WebCT classes" link if you don't see the class listed.

2) The FAQ for the class is the same as last term. Make sure you subscribe to it in case there is the odd post.

3) The syllabus is a bit different from last term - read carefully (next post).

4) This section is online only. There are no set meetings but if you get stuck send me an email or post to the blog (see 6 below). The first test will be around week5 and the second around week 10. Pace yourself so that you cover the material you need to for the tests.

5) I will be out until June 26, with no access to email. If you have any questions, save them for when I return and keep going through the material. In the meantime practice with the quizzes and problem sets. I have noticed that almost all questions I get from students are covered in one of the review sessions already recorded. Use the pdf to give you an idea of where in the screencast you should find the problem explained.

6) I will add you to the class blog to post your blog assignment (see syllabus in next post). If you wish to be anonymous just email me the username you chose. You may also post questions and comments to the blog. If I am not around another student might have the answer for you.


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