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Thursday, June 30, 2005

first deadline coming up

The first deadline for the blog assignment is a week away. It is worth 1% of your final grade. If you fail to submit in time you will get zero. No extensions will be given. You don't have to create a blog. Just reply to the Blogger invitation I sent you and post here.

Monday, June 27, 2005

summer webct course active

It looks like the problems with access to the WebCT course for summer 05 have been solved. If you are registered for this course you should be able to access it in the summer term now. This is where you will take the tests and exam, which are now set.

If you are auditing the course, nothing has changed. Still use the guest account.

class update

1) Everyone who has contacted me should have been sent a request to post to this blog. Let me know if you have not.

2) If I have made arrangements with you to be registered for this class, make sure you contact Amber to have you registered for CHEM242-900. You should be able to see the class listed in the summer term soon in WebCT. There is currently a problem with the WebCT listing in the summer term but everyone should have access to the Default Term listing either through your account or the guest account. Email me if you need the password to that. You can do everything as a guest except take the 2 tests and exam. Students auditing the class should use the guest account to log in at

3) If you have a question, make sure to check the recorded lectures first, especially the review sessions. The quickest and easiest way to do that is to check the pdf or Powerpoint to get an idea or roughly where in the recording the explanation is likely to be. I spent a lot of time last term finding the location of student questions in the review sessions to answer email queries. My time is better spent answering new questions.

4) If you still don't see your question answered, then post it to this blog. Your questions have to be of the format "I am having trouble with converting x to y. Based on the notes, I was expecting the product to be p but that answer is not correct." Questions that don't indicate how you tried to solve the problem (e.g. "What is the answer for question 1 of quiz 1?" will be deleted. I would encourage other students in the class to attempt to answer the question as a comment to the post. This will only help you learn the material better.

5) The test dates will be scheduled shortly.

6) You may submit your 5% blog assignment as an Unreal Tournament Map (here is an example). This is definitely a more difficult project but could also be more rewarding to create [and to grade :)]. Contact me for details if interested in this option.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Problem Set

Chapter 9: 27,33,36,37.
Chapter 10: 33-39.
Chapter 11: 41,42,44,48.
Chapter 12: 15-19.
Chapter 13: 33-41, except 37.
Chap 14: 30,31,33
Chap 15: 24,25,27,30
Chap 16: 27,28,32,34

Thursday, June 09, 2005

summer of 2005 introduction

This is the first post for the special online only organic chemistry (CHEM 242) class for the summer of 2005. Everything prior to this post concerns a previous term.

All of you who are taking this class have just finished CHEM 241 with me. It will be similar but there are a few changes:

1) The class material is mainly on WebCT. A partial podcast of the audio files is available here. But the screencast, Powerpoint and pdf notes are in WebCT. Only Real Media files are available for the screencast at this time. You should have access to the class in your default term in WebCT. Make sure to click on "View all my WebCT classes" link if you don't see the class listed.

2) The FAQ for the class is the same as last term. Make sure you subscribe to it in case there is the odd post.

3) The syllabus is a bit different from last term - read carefully (next post).

4) This section is online only. There are no set meetings but if you get stuck send me an email or post to the blog (see 6 below). The first test will be around week5 and the second around week 10. Pace yourself so that you cover the material you need to for the tests.

5) I will be out until June 26, with no access to email. If you have any questions, save them for when I return and keep going through the material. In the meantime practice with the quizzes and problem sets. I have noticed that almost all questions I get from students are covered in one of the review sessions already recorded. Use the pdf to give you an idea of where in the screencast you should find the problem explained.

6) I will add you to the class blog to post your blog assignment (see syllabus in next post). If you wish to be anonymous just email me the username you chose. You may also post questions and comments to the blog. If I am not around another student might have the answer for you.