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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Second deadline over

All of the grades for the second blog assignment deadline are now posted and cannot be changed. A few comments:
1) Most of you are now using CiteULike properly so there are now plenty of examples other students can look at to see how it should be done.
2) It would be nice if you could tag all your articles with "orgo" so that all the articles of the class could be tracked with an RSS feed.
3) Many of you are giving a lot more than what I am asking for an running into some trouble in the process. All I want is one single reaction with nice readable molecules drawn from ChemSketch (or by hand as a last resort) with an arrow and reagent on the arrow. It will be easiest for you to pick a reaction that we covered in class because you won't have to explain it in as much detail.
4) If you want to give me more information that is fine but make sure that you support your statements with a link to a document with primary data (like experimental results) or to a document where the information trail continues on to primary data. For example, "progesterone reduces the risk of cancer" should be clickable to an article where the actual study has this as a conclusion OR to an article that has a similar statement with a link to primary data. References lumped at the end of your post are not good enough. Articles that you link to with general references at the bottom are also not usable. Unfortunately this means that a lot of government public health sites or company websites are not suitable for references. Your opinions and your speculations don't have to be supported by a reference. Try to post well before the next deadline so I can help you get this right.


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